Our Team

Deborah Simpson, Chairman/Co-Founder

Deborah Simpson is an expert in directing both the financial and marketing strategic and developmental growth for medical device company startups.

Deborah has taken 12 companies from start-up to a successful public offering IPO (2) and 10 acquisitions.  Her roles ranged from CEO to CFO to COO and board member on more than $1 billion worth of M&A transactions with companies such as Adaptec (IPO), ARGO Systems (instrumental in getting this sold to Boeing for over $1B),  Auspex (IPO), and Kalpana (Sold to Cisco for $250M). 

NASA invited Deborah to be on their incubator board which she served from 1995-2004. During that time she was involved in launching the first 9 months of eBay. 

Prior to Gatekeeper Innovation, Deborah was a partner, CEO, COO & CFO of The Brenner Group focusing on helping startups that were funded by VCs. She and the team strategically helped them find their ideal market and acted as their C suite level executives for launch and created an average growth rate of 500%. She was also in charge of recruiting and managing all 60 members of the Brenner Group.

Due to her mathematical background, Deborah was the first member of the worldwide high technology team at Arthur Andersen to help startups succeed.  She managed tax and consulting engagements for high technology companies and raised more than $50 million in public offerings.  She was featured in the Wall Street Journal on the management skills need for a successful startup. 

Deborah graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B.B.A. in accounting and earned her Certified Public Accountant title in 1987.


Joseph Simpson, Founder, Board Director and Chief Technical Officer

Joseph Simpson is the founder and Chief Technical Officer of Gatekeeper. Joseph manages product innovation and market development for Gatekeeper Innovation. He began to develop abuse-deterrent medication packaging during his senior year of high school after witnessing first-hand the danger and destruction of medication misuse and abuse. With persistence and dedication, Mr. Simpson has led the development of the Safer Lock’s prototypes and improvements in customer-responsive design. Mr. Simpson has received many awards including the SARTA Entrepreneur of the Year. His innovative solutions helped the Gatekeeper team win a national award for Top 5 Technology to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse.  Mr. Simpson earned a degree in Marketing from California State University, Sacramento. He is involved in many charitable causes and serves as co-founder and VP of Marketing/Support Expert with EYE in America, a public charity focused on helping teens with addiction, bullying and teen suicide.


Nathan Langley, Co-Founder, Vice President Business Development

Nathan Langley is Co‚ÄźFounder and Vice President of Business Development at Gatekeeper Innovation. A thought leader on prescription medication misuse and abuse, Mr. Langley is a part of the National Pain Care Forum and the Abuse Deterrent Coalition, which collectively develop initiatives and drive legislation to improve pain care and reduce prescription drug abuse in the U.S. Mr. Langley received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from California State University, Sacramento. He was recognized by the Sacramento Business Journal as a 2016 “Top 40 Under 40” honoree.


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