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The Gatekeeper Story

Gatekeeper Innovation Inc. offers tamper-evident and abuse deterrent technology while supporting medication adherence. Gatekeeper Innovation’s mission is to provide options for securing prescription medications to help prevent Diversion and Substance Use Disorder.

The White House Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) estimates the opioid crisis cost the U.S. $696 billion in 2018—or 3.4 percent of GDP—and more than $2.5 trillion for the four-year period from 2015 to 2018 with unauthorized access to prescription drug medication as a leading contributing factor. Gatekeeper Innovation Inc. provides supply-side interventions that are easy and inexpensive to implement, including:

  • Safer Lock: patented combination locking products including a locking pill bottle and locking medicine box.

  • Rx Locking Cap: a patented combination cap that fits over standard pharmaceutical vials.

Gatekeeper Innovation Inc.’s product portfolio is available online, through our retail partners and as an insurance benefit.

Where it Started

Joseph Simpson, co-founder of Safer Lock, explains, "It all started in 2002 when my mother was in a serious car accident that put her in a wheelchair for almost two years. She endured over 34 operations—to her back, neck, shoulder, and knees, and her doctors prescribed some pretty powerful pain killers. My younger brother Steven, then 14, couldn’t resist experimenting, which was common in our high school. Steven would take one or two pills in an effort to undetected (Diversion). Our mom (Deborah Simpson) started to suspect something was going on and would confront pharmacists by questioning the pill quantities dispensed with her prescriptions"

When prescription drugs become less available, opioid abusers often switch to meth and heroin because it’s far less expensive and easier to obtain. Like so many, Steven followed that path and eventually developed a heroin addiction. “It consumed every part of his day for two or three years,” says Joseph. Steven’s low points included dropping out of school and stealing from family and friends.

The initial tragedy — Deborah Simpson’s devastating injuries — gave birth to Steven's chemical dependency on opioids – first, pain pills and then heroin. "Fortunately, Steven realized he had a problem. He didn’t want to live that life anymore," says Joseph. Steven went to multiple treatment centers to learn how to live without drugs or alcohol. Slowly, he beat his addiction but faces a constant battle to stay drug-free.

The Origin Of Safer Lock™

Joseph was angry and disappointed to discover that in 2002 Opioid crisis flew under the radar, largely unseen and unaddressed by the medical and regulatory communities. "It’s shocking that powerful medications of this type are not legally mandated to be secure, and that the last time " he says. "If the medicines are secure, teens don't have the option of using the medicine cabinet as their first-time drug dealer. And children can’t get their hands on dangerous medications." This realization inspired his idea for a locking prescription bottle that would help keep prescription medications away from unintended consumers, from toddlers to teens.

Gatekeeper Innovation’s Vision

Gatekeeper’s vision is to be the premier provider of solutions that help prevent Diversion that leads to Substance Use Disorder. Gatekeeper is collaborating with health insurance organizations to offer the locking cap portfolio as a benefit, to be dispensed along with prescription medications. Additionally, Gatekeeper’s locking cap offers the ePharmacy market a safe, secure, delivery option for home delivery. The global ePharmacy market size was valued at USD 33.03 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow over USD 100B at a CAGR of 14.8% through 2025. Gatekeeper has an IoT locking cap prototype designed to provide adherence analytics with intentions to include compliance.

You Can Prevent Accidents & Abuse With Gatekeeper Innovation

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